Two Food Waste Saves

I’m pleased to say that I have no food waste to report this week.
I found ways to use some mealy apples and some disgusting looking carrots.

Much to my disappointment the 99cents/pound Red Delicious Apples I purchased were anything but delicious. Actually some were very tasty and some were mealy. I never knew what I would get.  I ate the crisp ones fresh.

The mealy textured ones I used it to made Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal. 3059apple cin Oat

I diced the apple into small piece, added them to OF oats and water, then microwaved it for 3 minutes.

3061Apple cin oats

I added sugar and cinnamon and was ready for breakfast.

After a oatmeal 3 mornings in a row I was ready for some variety.


I mixed chopped apples into pancake batter.


The Apple pancakes were delicoius.

I was given the remains of a 25# bag of juicing carrots. The carrots had been forgotten in the basement fridge and were headed for the compost. 2990moldy
Hating food waste the way I do, I offered to try to rescue anything that was still usable.


Lili at Creative Saav had a post about Curried Carrot Soup so I thought I’d give it a try.


How was your food waste this week? Have you rescued anything lately?

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