Pantry Inventory



The final stage of showing you my stash of food was to photograph & inventory the food in my pantry.


Canned vegetables-

3 cans julienne beets

Kidney beans

3 cans green beans

Water chestnuts

5 cans diced tomatoes

2 cans mushrooms

2 cans sauerkraut



2 pkg Raman noodles-chicken

1 can Tomato soup

9 cans cream of mushroom

6 cans cream of chicken

1 can cream of celery




2 cans tuna

1 can smoked salmon

6 cans pink salmon



1 can Fruit cocktail

2  cans cherry pie filling

1 can blueberry pie filling

2- little plastic lemon juice

1 can pineapple -chunks

1 can pineapple – crushed

6 cans peaches

6 cans mandarin oranges

8 cans black olives I just checked- yes, olives are fruit



Home canned foods-

10 half-pints applesauce

3 quarts pickles

12 pints blackberry jam

1 pt whole tomatoes

1 pt. Tomato sauce



2 boxes wheat chex

2 boxes rice chex

2 boxes corn chex

What can I say, I like to munch on Chex mix and the best sales are in December so I stocked up

12 raisin bran-I buy these for “6-Week Bran Muffins”, but it appears that on more than one occasion I saw Raisin Bran on sale and ‘ just picked up a few’ because it’s something I always use.

Quick oats

Old-fashioned oats

Granulated Sugar

All Purpose flour

Brown Sugar


Salad dressings & Condiments-


Miracle Whip

2- Raspberry Vinegarette

1 Italian dressing

1 BBQ sauce

1 Catalina dressing



Sparkling peach juice

Sparkling apple cider


2 Non-dairy creamer

100 tea bags


6 pk Bud Lite (and I don’t drink but I found these stashed while I was walking the dog and couldn’t resist the urge to spoil some teen’s plans to party in the woods)




Chocolate Graham crackers

2- rye crisp

3- saltine crackers

Nacho chips



2 shakers of  grated parmesan cheese

3- Raspberry Syrup

2 sweetened condensed milk

2 pkg ice cream cones

5 lbs powdered sugar

pan spray

Dog food

Dog treats

Gal distilled white vinegar

3 buttermilk powder

#10 can Hersheys Chocolate syrup


Dry Goods

2 pkg spaghetti

small red beans


split peas




So now you’ve seen my Dry Goods Drawer, my Freezer and my Pantry.

 If you have a recipe that will use up any of the food I have stashed please share it with me.

Tomorrow I’ll post some of the food that I have used since the first of the year.

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