In the Pacific Northwest, at least west of the Cascades, snow is an unusual event.

It is typical to get an overnight accumulation of 3-4 inches and have it washed away by rain by that afternoon.

We are the laughing stock of people who just deal with snow, as a matter of course.

Its hard on the economy, when snow falls, people don’t shop,  schools close, most business are minimally staffed. Public transportation is on “snow routes”. Some professionals are very busy though; I heard a news report that Seattle Police responded to seven hundred some traffic accidents over MLK weekend; on a typical weekend that number would be less than ten. Tire, stores, tow companies, and body shops can’t keep up with the demand for their services.

Since I only work part-time my schedule hasn’t been affected by this snow, I get to just  enjoy it. and I do from the warmth and comfort of my home or by bundling up and going for a walk There isn’t much that can compare with the beauty of a snowy day.

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