Thrifty Third Thursday -January 2012 Edition




I have three favorite blogs. I’ve already told you that I frequently get inspiration from Kristen, The Frugal Girl.


The second is Katy the Non-Consumer Advocate.


And lastly Karen from Abundance on a Dime


Every weekend during Garage Sale season Karen mounts her bicycle and checks out the neighborhood sales. Then she shows off what she bought on her blog. Following her inspiration I began to record my second-hand purchases too. Personally I prefer Thrift stores to G-Sales. I have found some great deals. So in my Thrifty Third Thursday feature I’ll share my finds with you.




New Year’s Half Price Sale at St. Vincent de Paul


January 2nd




Can Opener


Cookie cutters


Jelly jar




Ink cartridge


Because everything was half off my total came to $2.36


I sold the can opener and cookie cutters to the bakery.


Unfortunately the ink cartridge wasn’t the proper one for my printer.


I’m using the scoop in my sugar canister.


I plan to do some canning next summer so I’m collecting small jars so my canned goods will be individual serving size portions.





On January 4th I stopped at Value Village on my way home from work and found this storage unit for $1.99. Right now it’s holding some misc. office supplies but I may put it to use in my sewing room eventually.Image




January 6th I stopped  the St.Vincent de Paul that is just down the street from me.




and found:


White plate.


Cookie cutter set with Molasses cookie recipe.


I took the ink cartridge back so this trip only cost me $1 plus tax.


Frugal girl advocates photographing food on white plates.


I had hoped that the cookie recipe would be one we could use at work but it’s only mediocre. Does any one have a good molasses cookie recipe?




January 9th I stopped at two stores


At St. Vincent de Paul




I picked up this Birds of Prey book 99¢


I occasionally give Bird talks to the 4th grade class at my neighborhood elementary school. To keep the children’s interest I include games or contests and this will be a prize for the winning child.


My second stop was Deseret IndustriesImage




There I picked up:

2 patterns for 75 cents


A muzzle $1.00


A Christmas ornament in the shape of a bird 50 cents


Glass pitcher $3.00


Car Air Freshener tree 50 cents


I bought the muzzle because although Glory is a very gentle, loving dog it is very hard to untangle her fur without pulling too hard, causing her to nip at me when I do, it’s just a instinctive reaction, I know she doesn’t mean me any harm. I thought a muzzle would be a good solution. She didn’t think so. It took her no time to get it off and shake it to death.Image




(More about the pitcher in a future post)


The ornament is now hanging in my living room with the rest of my collectionImage






On January 13th I went bird watching with my friend Ann Marie.


On the way home I stopped at a new (to me) Goodwill. Where I found:Image


2-7/8th yards of blue brushed denim $2.99


two dressmaker pencils $1.00


I plan to make myself a pair of slacks with the fabric and the pattern I bought on the 9th.




On the 16th I went to St Vincent de Paul. It was their MLK Half –Off sale Day.




5 Tupperware scoops 5o cents


Pink paper 50 cents


Mini flashlight 50 cents






All these thrifty treasures set me back the grand total of $16.26.




As I mentioned its been snowing here. Today I walked to the library and the grocery store. I was out in the cold for over 2 hours and I wasn’t one bit chilly. I attribute it to another thrift store find from last year. In August I picked up “Toasty Feet Aerogel Infused Insoles” for a dollar. I just looked them up on the web and found that they sell for $17.99





If these ever wear out I might be tempted to buy a new pair and even pay retail.

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