Salmon Patty Tutorial

Today I took another step in “eating myself out of house and home” 

I’m making a Salmon Burger for lunch. It will use up canned salmon from my pantry and burger bun from the freezer.

Doing a tutorial will give me the opportunity to showcase some of the kitchen tools I have acquired while thrifting. Everything in this photo is pre-owned except the knife and glass bowl. (I have lots of thrifted bowls but I wanted one you could see through for this tutorial)


burger press,  portion scoop, cheese slicer, pancake turner, cutting board, cast iron skillet



I use a non-recipe when I make these patties. Just drain a can of salmon. Put it in a bowl with an egg, chopped onion and some breadcrumbs, add seasonings of your choice. I use dill, garlic powder, and a smidge of seasoning salt.


Get in there with your fingers and smush it all together.


I read on Frugal Girls blog that the liners from cereal boxes can be repurposed, so I cut circles to keep the individual patties from sticking together.


Using a burger press makes nice uniform patties but you can mold your patties by hand if you don’t have one. Eat now or store in the freezer for future use.


Put a little fat of your choice (oil, butter or my favorite bacon fat) in a skillet and fry the patty until golden brown on both sides

If you don’t follow Katy the Non-consumer you should check out this post about cast iron skillets :


Add a slice of cheese.


Toast a bun, add tartar sauce and lettuce and enjoy.

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