Hot Air Popcorn


From childhood I made popcorn by shaking a pan on the stove top.

Then microwaves came along and I was sucked in by the lure of easy to make microwave popcorn.

I often stocked up on when it was on sale.

But after a while it began to disturb me that I was creating unrecyclable waste each time I made a batch of popcorn.

I have no idea what that “place this side down” patch on the bag is but it doesn’t look biodegradable to me, so I throw it and the cellophane wrapper in the garbage, bound for the land fill.

Home made popcorn has the added advantage of allowing me to control the fat & salt content.

I couldn’t return to the old-fashioned way because I have a glass stovetop that would be damaged by shaking a pan back & forth on it.

Once these thoughts came together in my mind I have been on the lookout for a used air popper when I go on my regular thrifting excursions. I visit at least one store a week, sometimes several.

It’s been months and I hadn’t seen a single popper.

New course of action; Freecycle.

I posted wanted: Hot Air Popper.

Days passed and no reply. Then I got a message from a freecycler who didn’t have a popper to give but instead shared instructions for homemade microwave popcorn.

Microwave Popcorn

1 or 2 (double layer) brown paper lunch bag(s)
1/4 – 1/3 c. popcorn
salt, oil, PAM cooking spray, or seasonings  (optional)

shake it all together, fold the bag closed 2-3 tightly creased folds
microwave according to your microwaves programmed time (usually has a popcorn button on there 3.5oz option for the 1/3 c. popcorn)

See how it turns out.  It took me 2-3 tries before finding the right combo for our microwave to avoid that burning in the middle of the bag.  When you are done, everything left is acceptable for your Food Compost Bin.  Good luck!

One problem I don’t have any lunch sacks. 

A day or two later I got an offer of a popper but we were in the midst of a snowstorm and I didn’t want to go out unnecessarily. After the snow melted I sent an e-mail asking if the offer still stood. The understanding freecycler didn’t take my lack of communication as rudeness but rightly interpreted my weather related caution.  After a 25-minute drive I was the new owner of this.  


I found a PDF of the owner’s manual online.

At my very next trip to Goodwill I came across this. ImageImage

Go figure!





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