Frugal Fix- Dove Edition

You must know by now that I enjoy birds. I display my collection of bird ornaments year round. Last Monday I found a large dove carrying an olive branch at St. Vincent de Paul for just 99 cents. When I got home I set my shopping bag down but I didn’t realize that it was top heavy and fell over as soon as I let go. The new ornament fell to the floor and the dove’s wing broke in two places.

My first inclination was to just trow it away and count it as a loss. Then I saw that the breaks were very clean and I could glue it together. I looked at my assortment of glues and decided that epoxy was the one to use for this project. The epoxy is black so I tried very carefully to keep it within the break so the mend wouldn’t show, but although I used a miniscule amount of glue it still oozed to the surface when I held the broken pieces together. Being the FRUGAL SPINSTER that I am I didn’t want to invest any more money into this fix.Image I checked my craft supplies and didn’t find any white paint. I put white craft paint on the  “Keep an eye out for” list that I take with me when I’m thrifting. But then an idea popped into my brain. I have white shoe polish, maybe that will work. it took several coats but it did the job.Image

If you examine the piece closely you can still see the repair.But not when the dove is on display with his cousins.Image

Did you ever use an unconventional method to rescue a broken object? Please tell me about it.

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