Sweater Repair

Last Thursday I showed you the Land’s End sweater I bought at Value Village for $8. The one that Land’s Endsells for $79.99.

I guess I was dazzled and overcome with excitement when I found it. I DID look it over for damage and didn’t find any. That is until I ran it through the wash and noticed this hole when I was folding it.Image

 To my great relief it was just a seam that had unraveled and not real damage. After all this is the most expensive garment I’ve purchased in years. EIGHT DOLLARS!, I still find it hard to believe I did that , but I’m not sorry I really like the sweater, the fabric is so soft and the print so lovely and bright.

Because I am five feet ten inches tall I learned to sew a long time ago just so I didn’t have to spend the extra money to shop at a specialty store for Tall girls or have to wear high water pants and three-quarter length sleeves. In the past 20 years I think there is more tall clothing available than when I was young. For instance this sweater fits just fine.

Those sewing skills give me an overall understanding of  garment construction and I have no problem mending or repairing any garment, whether I made or purchased it.

First I removed two buttons. This gave me room to turn the facing back, exposing the seam that had come apart.Image

 I carefully lined the sweater front and facing up and stitched it back together.


 The last step was to sew the buttons back on.


 GOOD as New! 

Have you had to mend any of the clothes you buy at thrift stores?

Please leave a comment and tell me about it.


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