Thrifty Third Thursday

Value village and Eastside Community Aid store share a parking lot. I always shop both stores when I’m in the neighborhood. I stop at ECA first since they are a small independent store then I cross the parking lot to check out what I can find at Value Village.

On February 19th I found a nearly full box of dishwasher detergent, two patterns, and a zipper at Eastside Community Aid totaling $3.02. The Electrasol alone is worth $5.00.


There wasn’t anything worth buying at VV.




On the 21st I stopped at Goodwill, where I found a NIP clothesline and a jelly jar. Together they cost $6.81. The clothesline retails for $17.99


I wasted no time putting the clothesline to work even though it was snowing . You’ve heard of freeze dried haven’t you?


All the stores had Presidents Day Sales on February 20th but I restrained myself and only shopped at one Value Village where I spent $18.10 for a pair of new rubber boots and a cold pack canner (now I can do my canning without barrowing a canner)



On March 2nd I found a Thread bed and a jelly jar at Goodwill and a second jelly jar at St. Vincent de Paul. I spent $3.69. anything that will help me organize my sewing/laundry room is priceless!


March 5th I found a $1.00 washcloth at Eastside Community Aid. It doesn’t match my towels as well as I had hoped but color doesn’t effect its usefulness.Image


One of my duties at the bakery is to deliver cakes. That takes me to areas that I wouldn’t normally shop but as long as I’m in the neighborhood….

The Value village I stopped at on March 9th is 30 miles from home, if I hadn’t been in the neighborhood it wouldn’t have been worth the gas or time to go there but like I said I was in the neighborhood…



March 10th I stopped at Value Village and St. Vincent de Paul. $10.74Image

Chickadee platter, bluebird ornament, water bottle, jelly jars and replacement mop head.


It was about time for a new one don’t you think?


Sadly no one has offered any suggestions as to how I can rescue the table.

That’s the report for this month. If you found a thrifty treasure leave a comment telling  about it.

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