Great Blue Herons

Over the years of bird watching in my neighborhood park I have made several new friends who share my love of the outdoors.

Among them is a 4th grade teacher. She asked me if I would be willing to come talk to her class about birds. Each year I visit her class several times to do a slide presentation, or take them for a walk through the park to identify birds.

There is a nesting colony of Great Blue Herons about a mile from the school. This heronry is unusual in that it is in a very high traffic area. The availability of nesting trees and close proximity to food sources must override the heron’s usual desire for peace and quiet. Their heronry is adjacent to a park and ride lot, making it very easy to get good views of them. That is until the trees leaf out.

We walked to the nest sight.


We had nice views of the herons.


This picture shows a pair just about to trade places. One goes off to find food while the other tends the 4-6 eggs.


As you can see there are budding bird watchers in the class.

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