Roadside Rug

Driving home from my friends’ house, I saw this.

Of course it was pouring down rain. But I managed to stuff it in the back of my van and get it home. There I could unroll it to see what I had.
As you can see rain had soaked nearly all the way through. I did a search to find out how to care for sisal rugs. The first thing it said was “do not get them wet”.
I used the wet/dry vac to clean and dry it, but it didn’t make much difference. I left it lying on the garage floor hoping for the best. Days later it looked pretty much the same. I wanted to park inside again so I moved it to the back porch to continue drying. That’s what I should have done in the first place. On the deck, air could circulate and it took only an additional day to dry completely.
To my delight all the ripples dried flat and now I have carpet for my back porch.

Did you ever bring roadside junk home and find it was a treasure?

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