A Frugal Spinster gets the Food Waste Friday SAVE!

FoodWasteFriday The 2012 Baseball season has begun and my beloved Seattle Mariners are tied for first place in the AL West, in fact they’re in first place in the whole American League, beyond that All of Major league Baseball.

Okay, okay, they only played one series and they split it with the Angels, and no other teams have started their seasons yet, but when you’re a M’s fan you have boast about your team when you get the chance.

Hence the baseball cliché.  

Back to Food waste Friday…

Last week I used about half of a can of refried beans.
Monday morning I pulled the leftovers front and center in the fridge so I would remember them for my lunch. (So you can see I had really good intentions.)
When I opened the container this is what I found.

Not to be detoured I spooned the mold off, warmed the beans up, melted cheese on top and ate them with tortilla chips.

I’m calling it a SAVE because I only tossed about two tablespoons of the beans in the compost.

How did you do?

Feel free to use your own baseball cliché

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2 Responses to A Frugal Spinster gets the Food Waste Friday SAVE!

  1. Jess says:

    I would have called it a Food Waste Home Run! Only 2 tbsp of bean waste – basically a no waste week for you. I however have so much waste this week – I definitely struck out! Better luck to me next week, but for you, keep up the fantastic waste-free week!

  2. I see that hope springs eternal for your Mariners. Good luck on the season and a good job with food waste this week.

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