Why pay retail?

A frugal lifestyle requires flexibility.

 I f you’re not loyal to a specific brand name you can find real savings by purchasing your soap at a thrift store or garage sale.

My not very extensive research shows that Ivory or Jergens are the least expensive brands costing around 60 cents a bar.

So while I’m thrifting I keep an eye open for bars of soap that cost less than 50cents. Second hand stores often bag up several bars and sell them for a couple of dollars. These are a really good deal if you can find them on a Half-price or 99cent day.

None of these bars were more than 50cents and lots of them were even less.

I have found some high-end soaps that are a real treat to use.

I even found a full bottle of Dial Liquid soap

to fill my thrifted soap dispenser.

So keep an open mind when your at the thrift store they aren’t just for clothes.

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2 Responses to Why pay retail?

  1. That bear soap is pretty cute. I’d have a hard time using it. I am only brand specific on dish soap. I LOVE my Ivory!

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