Fun at the Thrift Store

My primary reason for shopping at thrift stores is to find good bargains on the things I need.

I really have come to enjoy the search process. I also find that thrift stores can be very entertaining places.

Sometimes I have to wonder at their pricing strategy. Like when I found two packages containing glitter. The first bag I saw contained blue, white, silver and purple glitter and was marked $3.99. Continuing to peruse the art supplies I came across another bag with just red glitter marked $1.99. Now if four cost $3.99, shouldn’t one cost $1.00?


I always look through the kitchenwares and on several occasions I have found Neti pots with the teapots or creamers.



I guess I can understand this. Not everyone is familiar with neti pots. If you are one of those who isn’t, you can watch this video


Recently I saw this one in it’s original box, with directions for use, also on the teapot shelf, I concluded that they just don’t have time to read while they are pricing and shelving the donated merchandise. Also of interest is that the unboxed pots were each marked 99 cents, while the one in the box with it’s original $16.23 price tag was Goodwill priced at $5.99



If you’re not already using a neti pot for relief from colds or allergy symptoms, I highly recommend that you do. You can pick one up for 99 cents at a thrift store.:)

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2 Responses to Fun at the Thrift Store

  1. At least your thrift store has price tags. The one in my town has an “average price” poster at the counter, but the price per item often varies, depending on who checks you out. Sometimes it’s cheaper, sometimes it’s more.

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