Happy Birthday Skye!

I was delighted when I heard one of my co-workers talking about her black & white photo collection.

Most of my co-workers are much younger than I am. I find it difficult to relate to most of their interests. Knowing she would enjoy additions to her collection I began to keep my eye out for B&W photos whenever I was thrifting.

Several trips to my regular second hand stores proved fruitless. Looking for advice and direction I asked an antique loving friend if she had any suggestions. She pointed me to The Aurora Antique Pavilion, a store that is outside of my regular travels. I decided to make the trip because I was looking for something specific and had to find it before Skye’s birthday. I’m glad I followed the advice.   I walked in, told the ladies at the counter what I was looking for, one of them sat me down with three boxes of old photos to look through. It was a tough decision but I finally made my selection. I chose these two $5.00 images because of the hairstyles depicted in them. (you can’t see it in this photo but the man’s hair is standing straight up)

Frames are readily available at thrift stores. So I stopped at nearby Deseret Industries and quickly picked out two frames. Then I came across a postcard with an 1860 picture of an Anglican preacher, so I chose a frame for that picture too.

All told I spent under $15.00. I hope she likes them.

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Skye!

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  2. Margo says:

    Did she like them?

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