Reusing mesh produce bags

As of last July I have a new deck. When it was completed I filled some pots with compost and planted some flowers. The only problem I had was that the compost was full of weed seeds.I want to grow a back porch salad. It would be so nice to have garden fresh salad makings like tomato, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, carrots, etc., right at my back door. Not wanting to use the weed-infested compost again, I purchased potting soil (on sale of course).  Potting soil isn’t exactly dirt cheap, especially when you need several bags. Pondering my dilemma I came up with this idea.I filled the mesh produce bags I’d been saving (because you never know when they might come in handy) with styro packing peanuts. I put them in my flowerpot before I filled it with potting soil. I see several potential advantages to my idea. The mesh will prevent soil from washing out the drain holes. The pots will be lightweight for moving. I won’t need to purchase as much potting soil.My next dilemma will be to keep Peter Rabbit out of my salad.

Do you repurpose your mesh bags?

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