My breakfast has a mother

I made myself an egg-mc-frugal for breakfast.

It occurred to me that not everybody knows the mother of their morning egg by name.

I walk two dogs every day. Glory’s (the collie) owner has backyard chickens.

As part of my dog walking fee I get fresh free-range eggs.

I had heard that there is no comparison between store-bought and fresh eggs, but to tell you the truth I really didn’t notice much difference. That is until the girls stopped laying last fall and I had to purchase eggs at the grocery store again. First off I was astounded by how expensive they were and secondly having been spoiled by fresh eggs for 3 years I could now tell a dramatic difference in taste, (the store-bought ones had very little).

Backyard chickens are becoming very popular. If you can find a local source by all means buy fresh eggs, I mean right from the hens not even the organic eggs at the store.

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