Thrifty Third Thursday Report

Thrifty Third Thursday
April 2012

I will be using these in my laundry/sewing room.

I walked in the door just as they were marking this like new Old Navy sweater down from $7 to $2. It goes great with a pink top and tan pants I already have.

I have tongs but these have a lock so I decided to upgrade.
More hooks for the laundry room (I don’t need this many but I’ll redonate what I don’t use.
I’m planning to make gift jams & jellies and can vegetables in small quantities for my personal use, so I pick up these little mason jars everytime I find them a t a good price.

If you can you need canning lids.
Caribeaners are usefull in many ways.

A new lamp for my living room (it sits on the table I bought last month)
It’s never too early to pick up your Christmas cards and these appeal to me on two levels, the text is about Jesus and as a baker I like the gingerbread design.
The molly hook will come in handy somewhere. The same for the cinnamon sticks.
The book is for a friend.
I sold the snowboard favors to the bakery; we’ll use them when we need a snowboard themed cake.

I’ve been looking for one of these corning fry pans since I got a glass stove top in January 2011.
You’ll see the drawer pulls in an upcoming post.

If you are a regular Frugal Spinster reader you know I used one of the extension cords to rewire my lamp. The other one is something I’ve never seen before one plug and tow cords (like a Y).
The cleat will keep my clothesline from sagging.

I forgot to include these napkin rings in the previous picture. I now have 8 silverware napkin rings (from three separate purchases).

Double stick tape is good to have on hand.
The soap was featured in this post:

Folding scissors is another thing I’ve been watching for for a long time. I keep them in my purse.

If you read this post you’ll know why I bought these.

All of these are gifts or parts of gifts.

because I like to bake bread and drink water.
If your looking for thrift stores in your area, check  and then tell me what you have found.

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  1. The link doesn’t bring up any thrift shops, but we have one in town. It’s a St. Vincent’s also. I don’t go there very often. Also my church has a free clothing exchange the first weekend on the month. We usually go check things out, as well as check the drop off room frequently in between times.

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