$1.24 for a pair of long underwear

I live in the Pacific Northwest. We are known for our mild winters but still I am a cold body. I wear long underwear every day November through February. 

I’ve been wearing this pair for 17 years and I think they are ready for the rag-bag.  I started looking for a replacement pair while I was thrifting. I looked for months. The only long johns I found were a pair that might fit a 10-year-old girl. I was about to give up and purchase a pair retail. 

While looking in the lingerie and sleepwear departments it occurred to me that many pajama bottoms were made from the same waffle weave fabric used for thermal underwear. Maybe I could repurpose a pair of pajamas into long underwear. I started looking for a candidate for my experiment.At Value Village I saw this pair of XXXXL pajama bottoms but they were too expensive. A few weeks later I was in the same store and they were still there, now marked down to half price. I knew that the following Monday they would be 99 cents and that would be cheap enough for me to justify purchasing them for my experiment. I was back at Value Village Monday morning and with my 99cent purchase I was ready to begin my project.I used the super sized pajama bottoms as fabric, a pattern for stirrup pants (25 cents from Deseret Industries) and the cuffs from my worn long johns and while I listened to the Seattle Mariners defeat the Detroit Tigers 7-4

I made myself a new pair of long johns.


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