Why all that contact paper?

You may have noticed in my Thrifty Third Thursday reports that I’ve been purchasing a lot of contact paper®

On a daily basis I chauffeur dogs to and from the park for our afternoon walks.

On weekends I drive wedding cakes from bakery to reception sight. 

Lola & Glory leave behind a LOT of dog hair.

Each Friday I get out the lint brush and vacuum and give my van a good cleaning in preparation for the weekend’s cake deliveries

Despite my best efforts some (more than I like to admit) dog hair inevitably remains. Other delivery drivers (who do not have hairy interiors) deliver the cakes unboxed. It is truly safer for the cake that way. My solution for keeping dog hair from contaminating someone’s wedding cake is to construct reusable, travel boxes for the cake tiers.

My boxes have a lifespan of 2-3 years before the wear & tear renders them too flimsy to be useful. This year before wedding season gets underway, I evaluated the condition of my boxes and found that only 2 were worth saving. In January & February I gleaned the proper sized & shaped boxes from the dumpster. In March & April I foraged for contact paper at thrift stores. It takes quite a bit of contact paper to cover each box and its lid inside and out.

I could just use cardboard but by covering w/ contact paper they are easy to wipe clean and sturdier so longer lasting than cardboard alone.


Each tier gets its own box. Large cakes are too heavy to carry so I assemble them on sight.


Ready for the reception to begin.

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