Thrifty Third Thursday

The17th is the Third Thursday in May. Time for a new installment of Thrifty Third Thursday,  where I show off the frugal finds I have purchased in the past month from second hand stores or Garage sales.

Several businesses have cakes delivered to them for company meetings or employee birthdays. One such bussines recently moved their office to Kent. That put me in the neighborhood of several second hand stortes that I had never been to before. It also meant theat I would pass at least four Value Village locations on my way home.

My grocery bags were in need of replacement. I also picked up a zippered pouch and a jelly jar.

A co-worker will be getting married in June and for a shower gift I’m putting together a bread making kit. I found most of the things I’ll need on that one day of shopping. A recipe book.

Mixing bowl and tea towel.

The binoculars are for when I take the school children bird watching.  You can’t beat a seasons worth of vegetables & flowers for 29 cents each.

When I get all those jelly jars full I’m going to put them in gift baskets.

Although I already have a gray turtleneck I couldn’t pass up this brand new one that only cost $3.50. I’ll redonate the old one.

I have a friend who crochets a lot, she’s getting yarn for her birthday. I prefer hankerchiefs to paper tissues so anytime I see them for a reasonable price I pick them up. 25 cents is reasonable. I’m using that pretty glass picture as a vase.

The Omaha Steak cooler (I’m going to try using the cooler method when I make my next batch of yogurt) was free the neckless $1 and the paper plates 5o cents.

This skirt made of lightweight fabric will be just right to wear in summer weather. The book is for a friend. I’ll use the red fabric in a sewing project. Now I have a corningware measuring cup so I can toss out the ones that I have burn by microwaving them.yet another jelly jar.

Have you found any frugal finds? Please leave a comment and let me know about it.

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4 Responses to Thrifty Third Thursday

  1. Leigh from New Zealand says:

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve only recently discovered it and I think it’s terrific. Keep it up! Leigh from New Zealand

  2. We check out the clothing exchange at our church every first weekend. Everything is FREE! I got a new purse and some western decor and a couple backpacks, and a bed skirt this last time.

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