Eat Yourself Out of House & Home

I began this blog as a method to hold myself accountable for eating up the stockpiles of food I have in the house before I buy more.

I had purchased many food products when I saw a “good sale” without thinking about what I already had in the house.

My self-imposed rules require that I only purchase ingredients called for in recipes that will use up something I already have.  Purchasing fresh produce and dairy products is also allowable.

So here’s my most recent accomplishment.

From my freezer I finished off a bag of Flounder portions. I used the last packet of Onion soup mix, and I ate a can of beets. There is just one can of beets in the pantry now.

It made a very delicious meal of Parmesan fish, oven roasted potatoes and julienne beets.


Right now I have quite a few leftovers in the freezer. It might be a week or so before I post another installment of Eat yourself out of House & Home.

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