Eat yeourself out of house and home report

I began this blog as a means of holding myself accountable to eat up the stockpiles of food I have in the house before I buy more. I hope to break the habit of purchasing food when I see a “good sale” without thinking about what I already had at home.
My self-imposed rules require that I only purchase ingredients called for in recipes that will use up something I already have. In addition, purchases of fresh produce and dairy products are allowable.

If you remember back to my original inventory you will know I began with 12 jars of homemade blackberry jam.
By eating Blackberry yogurt for breakfast,

Peanut butter and Jam sandwiches for lunch

and snacking on Rye Crisp, cream cheese & jam

I am now down to 9 jars.

Does anyone out there know if food banks will except home canned food? At the rate I’m going it will be another year and a half before the jam is all eaten.
Along the same lines, in January I had a stockpile of 6 boxes of Chex cereal. They are now gone after making myself several batches of Chex Mix to snack on.

The final batch had no pretzels and also lacked rice chex but it’s still pretty tasty.

I’ll be back Thursday with my Thrifty Third Tursday report.

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4 Responses to Eat yeourself out of house and home report

  1. Homemade blackberry jam — you wouldn’t be somewhere in the pacific northwest would you? I’m in Edmonds, WA, just north of Seattle. We’ve got wild blackberries on our property. Every year I pick about 40 quarts. I freeze most of them, for pies and cobblers, but will also make jam if I think we won’t have enough fruit for jelly. One year I tried to make blackberry jelly. It never gelled, so we had about a gallon of blackberry pancake syrup. I don’t know about food banks accepting home preserved foods. I would expect not. But you should be able to just give some away. At our church, people often bring in boxes of things and set a sign saying “free for the taking”. Have you tried using the jam in savory dishes, as a glaze, like a blackberry-ginger-shallot glaze for chicken? Good luck with using it all up!

  2. After writing my post I did just what you suggest, I offered some to a friend, he offered to take some for himself and extra to give to people in his church. I’m left with 3 pints now so I can see the end of the tunnel. And yes, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where blackberries are free for the picking just about everywhere you look.
    I hadn’t thought about savory dishes. I’ll do a serch for a chicken recipe.Thanks

  3. Susanne G says:

    I just found your site via commenting on Frugal Girl’s post today – so glad I found it! I am single and love living the frugal life. I was going to comment that food banks do not accept homemade goods because they don’t have any idea how they were made, ingredients, etc. BUT there are tons of people who would LOVE to “help” you use up your jam!! Am now off to read your archives! Thank you!

    • Shortly after writing my eat yourself out of house and home post I went to visit a friend. I told him about my dilema and he took some jam for himself and said he’d share some with people at his church so now I’m down to a reasonable 3 jars.

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