Thrifty Third Thursday

 This will be my last “Thrifty Third Thursday” post.

Don’t worry I will continue to proudly display the thrifted treasures I find while shopping at second hand stores but I will be doing weekly posts rather than monthly. 

Most all of my pictures will be self explanatory, but I’ll add comments every now and then.

I love hankies. They are much gentler on the nose than paper tissues and they don’t create waste. When soiled they get tossed in the laundry and soon they are good to go again. I always carry one in my pocket. Some people think of vintage handkerchiefs as “collector’s items” and as such they are out of my price range. I won’t pay more than 50 ¢ each. This one wasn’t marked. When I enquired as to the price I was told, “you I can just have that old thing.” I’m please that the stains washed out nicely, although it wouldn’t have made any difference if they hadn’t. I certainly couldn’t complaine about the price.


Just the week before I went to this garage sale  I had broken my weed whacking goggles, so this was a timely find, and I’ll have work gloves enough to last for years.

 Regular readers know I’m stocking up on jelly jars so I can make homemade jams & jellies for gift giving. Readers of last month’s thrifty Thursday also saw the beginnings of the  bread making kit I’m putting together for a  shower gift, the wood spoon, measuring spoons & cups will go in the kit as well.


I’m going to repaint this and put it on my back porch.


Watch for a future post to see what I intend for this wicker head.


My friend Stefanie married a man from Germany. Tobias’ family all speak English but still she wants to learn German so she can talk to them in their native tongue, and so Tobias and baby Emily can’t have secret conversations she can’t understand.  


These baskets and box will be used in my sewing/ laundry room.


when I finally finish this dress I’ll have two belts to wear with it. I already own a plastic canning funnel but I couldn’t resist this blue enamel one. Just a few days after this I saw a freecycle request for “Canning supplies wanted” so my old funnel found a good home. 

This corkboard was marked $5.99 but I bought it on the Monday when blue tags were marked down to 99¢. I used it to replace a smaller one in my sewing/ laundry room.



This is for my friend Tara who collects copper cookie cutters. 

I’ve been looking for quite some time for a small stool that would be easy to carry with me when I go bird watching. I did a little research and found that “The Amazing Pocket Chair” is one of those “as seen on TV” products. It sells for $14.99 plus P&H, “But wait if you order now we’ll add a second pocket chair, you just pay P&H.” So maybe this was somebody’s second chair.  and besides, I found 20¢ in the parking lot at Goodwill.


I’m a sucker for black and white prints. I plan to make a blouse from this fabric. I love that my local St. Vinny’s sell all fabric big or small for 99¢ apiece.


I also love that Goodwill sells mason jars big and small for 20¢ each. So I was delighted to find a case of jelly jars. I expected to pay $2.40, but the cashier rang them up at $4.99. When I protested he sent me to a manager, he told me they were priced higher because they came in as a set. He would not budge even when I pointed out that they price sets of dishes or glassware separately. I passed on the jars.

Local strawberries will be available any day and I’ll start putting all those jelly jars to use.


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2 Responses to Thrifty Third Thursday

  1. We have a local business that hand makes and sells copper cookie cutters. I think they are a bit on the expensive side, but, they are hand made. Here’s the link to their web page if you would like to go look around:

  2. The fun is in the collecting, but I’ll tell Tara about the website if she is looking for something specific

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