“Yurtle the Turtle”

 I went to the library this afternoon. On my way out I was following a lady using a walker.

It turned out that I was parked right next to her.

When we got to the parking lot her husband was preparing the van so she could climb in. As I watched what he was doing I commented on the step stool they had.


The lady said that’s “Yurtle the Turtle”. She then went on to explain that 40 years ago she paid a quarter for it at the Salvation Army. Originally their children  used it, but now she’s using it herself.

The husband told me how he ran over Yurtle a time or two and has had to make repairs. He also explained that when they purchased their current van Yurtle wasn’t quite tall enough so they had to give it longer legs.

I’d say they got their moneys worth with that purchase and it was the highlight of my day to chat with them.


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1 Response to “Yurtle the Turtle”

  1. Isn’t that wonderful to see?! Sometimes I get my greatest inspiration from older people who’ve always made thoughtful and frugal spending choices. Their resourcefulness is amazing!

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