Thrift Report

I’ve already mentioned I’m making a “BREAD MAKING KIT” for one of my co-workers who will be getting married soon. The bridal wrap is for her. The baby wrap was so cute I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll be prepared for a baby shower in the future. All 4 rolls of contact paper were $2. (I’ve paid as much as $2 a roll in the past) I’m saving them for when I need to replace my cake delivery boxes. I feel really happy about this trip to Goodwill. I think the wind chime ended up there because it was a tangled mess, but I found myself a chair and patiently sorted out all the strings. I purchased my first wind chime retail, so I know they can be pricey, this would be $25-30. I already have several chimes so I will give this one as a gift or maybe wait until one of mine wears out.I’d been hoping to find a thermometer to put in my bread making kit. This instant-read probe thermometer was just $2 and the bag included the cookie cutters.The de-matting comb was just 99¢. They retail for about $15.For now, the poly-pellets are just going into my craft supply cupboard, but I’m sure I’ll put them to use. The were $1, but the original tag on the bags says they sold for $6.99.

I got at least $50 worth of GOOD stuff for $12, not bad for an hour’s thrifting.


Isn’t the chime lovely? Maybe I’ll keep it after all. It has a different tone that the other four blowing in the breeze on my back porch. 

I’m going to make a blouse from this tan fabric and the oven mitt goes in the bread making kit. Originally we were going to have a shower on June 10th but it was postponed (no new date set yet) so I just keep finding more and more to put in the kit.

I’m not sure of $2 for 300 sandwich bags is a good deal or not but I decided to take the chance. The Mom & Me Cookbook is for a friend with a young daughter. My jelly jar collection is getting pretty close to complete. In fact I bought a flat of local strawberries and made strawberry jam. I also plan to make Strawberry-rhubarb  and triple berry jam. 

Have you ever found a super deal when you were thrifting? I’d love to hear about your “find”.

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