Thrift Store Entertainment

Even on the days when I leave a thrift store empty-handed I do not consider the time wasted. For me second-hand stores provide cheap entertainment. 

Sometimes I play “The Guessing game”


What is it?

It’s shaped like two apples joined together.

A small tube is in the center of each apple.

It appears to be made of cast iron and enameled.

Readers, can you help me out?

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5 Responses to Thrift Store Entertainment

  1. Jenny says:

    Could it be a dish for making baked apples? You core then, then stand them up on this to bake with the tube to keep them from falling over. It might work for this, but would get in the way if you wanted to fill the hole with a crumb topping. And 9$ seems like a lot to pay for this.

    • Mrs. GV says:

      I am thinking it is for baked apples also.

    • After Jenny’s comment, I did a google search for “Baked Apple Pans”. I didn’t find anything that looked like the pictures I took, but it could still be. I sure can’t come up with any other explaination.

      • Jenny says:

        After your comment, I decided to look on Google too, and it is an apple baker. Here is the link to a similar one:
        It is the second one from the bottom of the first block of items.

        Apparently the tube helps with heat distribution, although I’ve never had a problem with making them in a regular pan.

  2. You’re a great detective Jenny. Thank you for solving this mystery.

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