Bread Pan Dilemma

So, Here’s my dilemma.

I’ve looked and looked for bread pans to put in Georgie’s Bread Making Kit. Most of the bread pans that I’ve seen at thrift stores are priced at $1.99- $2.50. That’s not too bad since new ones retail for $5.99 each. However none of the pans I’ve looked at were in very good condition.I’m very happy that almost everything in the kit so far (although purchased second hand) is new or in like new condition.

in order to feed a family of seven my mother baked 20 loaves of bread a week. After my parents passed away my sister moved into the house we grew up in. She assimilated most everything that my parents owned into her own possessions. Since that included Mom’s bake ware, when I couldn’t find bread pans for my kit I went “shopping” in her cupboards. Where I found theseAlthough they obviously have put in years of service they are sturdy pans that will likely last for generations to come, but they are not in new or like new condition.

As you know I found this panlast week at a thrift store. Oh, how I wish there had been two of them. All recipes make two loaves of bread.

So here’s the dilemma I need your help with.

  1. Do I give Georgie my mother’s pans?
  2. Do I give her the shiny gold pan even though there is only one of them?
  3. Do I give her one old and one new?
  4. Do I just put all three in the kit?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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2 Responses to Bread Pan Dilemma

  1. Susan says:

    I’m liking the one old, one new- hard to explain what I mean – but the new one represents a new beginning, the old one – I don’t know – bread making history?
    I guess you could put a note/poem in- bread making past and present…
    Hope this helps. I an a long time lurker, love your blog. I’m a frugal spinster myself – retired now and a thrift store addict.

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