Weekly Thrift Report

I’m still adding to my “Bread Making Kit”.I found a bread book- for all intents and purposes BRAND NEW -that was $1.99 & a cute chicken potholder for 49 cents. 

Speaking of chickens…You may remember that I walk a couple of dogs during the week.

Glory’s (the collie) owner has backyard chickens.

This year she is also trying to raise a turkey.

She doesn’t intend to eat it herself. It’s just that she has enough land to raise it and the one who is going to eat it asked her to raise it.

Chickens can be pretty mean to newcomers in their midst. So “Weeble” the turkey has to be isolated from the older girls until she’s big enough to fend for herself. I knew Jean was looking for something to pen Weeble in since she was outgrowing the dog crate that had been her home.

I saw a playpen at a year sale.

How much do you want for this? I asked.

The lady replied $5.00

(I paused for a moment, not because I thought the price was too high, I was just wondering if I should call Jean and tell her about it)

While I was pondering the lady brought the price down to $3.00.

I did call Jean and ask if she was interested. She said yes so I purchased this:

I picked up a paintbrush for 25 cents, because DIYers never know when they will need a paintbrush.

In the alley behind my place of employment I found this ottoman. 

The fake leather is worn on all the corners, so eventually I’ll recover it. For now I just put my feet up, enjoy a good book on the back porch and overlook it’s imperfections.

Did you bring home any thrifted treasures this week? Leave a comment and tell me about it


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1 Response to Weekly Thrift Report

  1. Margo says:

    what a steal on the playpen! We’ve been pricing ones like this and they runs $40-$75.
    Had one for my kids. Christmas time we put it around the Christmas tree…that worked good too.

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