Right now I’m…

I have never done a post like this but when I read what Kristen the Frugal Girl is doing I thought I would let my readers know what I’m up to also.

Right now I’m…

Attending The New Great Commission School of the Bible, taught by Steve Gregg.

This summer he’s teaching the major prophets and Revelation verse by verse. I’m only attending the evening class on Revelation. http://www.thenarrowpath.com

Busy preparing for a BBQ I’m hosting next Tuesday.

Borrowing what I lack in picnic supplies from family and friends.

Happy that I received a croquet set from freecycle for us to play at the BBQ.

Thankful for Pacific Northwest summers that are dry but moderate in temperature.

Loving daylight savings time.

Harvesting tomatoes and lettuce from my container garden and making BLTs on a regular basis.

 Working more than usual because we are in the height of wedding season.

Putting money from my paychecks toward a roof replacement.

 Nothing too exciting I know but that’s my life and I’m very satisfied with it.

 How about you?

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2 Responses to Right now I’m…

  1. How are you getting tomatoes with this summer?! I’m across the lake in Edmonds, and my tomatoes are tiny and green still. One of the worst tomato years I’ve seen in 19 years of gardening here. I planted mine out, under covers in late April. It’s just so cool in our yard. You must get quite a bit more heat. But lucky for you!

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