Thrift Store Report

I’ve got some catching up to do. I haven’t posted about my Thrifty finds for several weeks.

Masking tape makes inexpensive labels for storage containers.

And you can see from the roll in this picture that I found a new roll just in time.

I’ve mentioned before that I prefer thrift stores to garage/yard sales, but when I saw how big this one was I just had to pull over.

I found two turtleneck sweaters and a pair of socks. The magazines were free. On the 28th I think I hit most of the thrift stores in Everett, WA

I don’t have the receipt for this squirrel so I’m not sure how much I paid for him. It was $3.99 or $4.99. More than I would have liked to pay but it’s cute, in good condition, and goes nicely with the rest of the critters on my back porch.This shadow striped duvet cover became two tablecloths. Just in time for my party.


I will replace the plastic plant hanger on my porch with a new metal one. The measuring cup is part of my Georgie’s Bread making kit.Doesn’t the blessings plaque look nice hanging under the clock/thermometer?

 These canning lids are a craft project gone bad (they had fabric glued to them) but as canning lids that are still in good shape. What a deal all those lids for one dollar. Although I use cloth napkins I thought it might be good to have some disposable ones on hand for just in case.I had been hoping to find a small cookie sheet that would fit in my toaster oven. I was rewarded with this brand new one for $2.99. The scroll wheel on my mouse hasn’t worked for a long time. I don’t trust electronics that I can’t test so I haven’t purchased a replacement until I saw this NIP one. I looked it up and found it retails for $39.99 +P&H On the 9th I went to the Northshore Senior Centers annual rummage sale. For some unknown reason I failed to include my new pith helmet in this picture. I’ve been looking for one so I can make a Jane Hathaway costume. The hat was only 50 cents compared to the only other one I’ve seen that was $2.99 it was in better shape but it is for a costume after all. The bread pan and spoon go in Georgie’s kit too. I’ll use the mini laundry basket to help organize my sewing room.I’m going to melt down old citronella candles and give them new wicks.Coming home from a cake delivery I saw a new (to me) store.  Alas it had closed at 5:30 and I pulled into the parking lot at 5:37. There’s always next time.

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