And then there’s the FREE stuff…

Last time I shared my thrift store bargins today its all the free stuff I’ve gotten lately.

I responded to a Freecycle post offering strawberry plants. I assumed that the transplant shock would mean no harvest for me this year but to my delight the plants are yielding fruit on a daily basis. Meaning I get fresh strawberry yogurt for breakfast.

My neighbors across the street just purchased a new patio set. On garbage day I saw a pair of stacking chairs on the curb with the garbage cans. I quickly moved them to my yard where they were put to use the very next day by the guests at my party.

On my way to a family member’s home, I saw people stacking furniture on the street. I made the assumption that they were in the process of moving. On the return trip I saw that a TV had a FREE sign on it. There were multiple televisions, tables, shelves etc. and people were still bringing stuff to the curb. I rolled down my window to asked if everything was free. I was told they were downsizing and didn’t want to go to the hassle of a sale so they were just giving it away. I had no need for most of the stuff but this Bombay Company table fits perfectly next to my fireplace. I’ve been looking for a piece to put there for some time.

There is nothing more thrifty as free.

Have you found any free stuff recently?

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2 Responses to And then there’s the FREE stuff…

  1. Yes, I got a CSA box of fruits and veggies to try out, totally free. There were apples, donut peaches, pluots, corn, cucumber and peppers. I told the farm rep I’d review their product for them, and they were thrilled!

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