Show & Tell Saturday- Yes, Saturday

Regular readers are used to seeing me use my Sunday post to showcase cake designs from the bakery I work at.

It’s a busy time of the year for us right now, mostly because of wedding season. June may be the month for weddings in most of the USA. Not so here in the cool Pacific Northwest, you can’t really rely rain free weather except between mid- July and the end of September. Therefore the height of wedding season is August. With the extra workload I’m picking up some extra hours so I’m around to take pictures of more cakes. If you like seeing cake pictures I have a treat for you Show & Tell Saturday. If you don’t care about the cakes just click on the X and close this page.

This first cake was for a wedding with a tight budget, rather than ordering a tiered cake they just ordered a small single tier and then had a cupcake with wildflowers it for each guest.

Other weddings we did recently:

I have three cakes that look alike but are each unique.

Here are some cakes with animals.

I think baby shower cakes are my favorite ones to decorate.

Visit again tomorrow and I’ll show you some more.



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