It’s my Blog…*

and I write about whatever I want to.

I started this blog thinking that I would be sharing ideas on living a frugal lifestyle that would be focused mainly on living frugally as a single person.

I have strayed from that original focus. I hope that my blog has nonetheless been helpful, informative, and entertaining.

I can however tie the story I’m going to share to frugality. A walk in the park is a very frugal way to get exercise, enjoy nature and meet interesting people. As a dog walker I bring in added income just by taking daily walks in the park, so this is a frugal post.

Now to my story….

When walking Glory I often hear; “ we had a collie when I was growing up” or “My grandparents raised collies” or some variation of that same idea. Monday I heard my best collie story ever. A young man told me that he grew up on a farm in Arkansas. At age 10 he was outside playing one day when seemingly from nowhere his family dog Holly the Collie dove past him and killed a copperhead snake. Being a small child he is certain that he could not have survived a venomous snakebite. Sadly in the battle between dog & snake, the dog was bitten twice before she subdued the viper. Holly would surely die without immediate medical attention. They lived in the country far from the nearest veterinary hospital, but Holly’s heroism was not to be her dying act. There just happened to be a vet at the neighbor’s dairy farm attending to a cow and he was able to save Holly’s life. As a constant reminder of her heroic day Holly walked with a limp for her remaining nine years.

Listening to the young man relay his story it was easy to see his great affection for and gratitude to his childhood pet. His wife also expressed how thankful she was to a dog, she never knew but, had saved the life of her (at that point future) husband. 

*For those of you who are too young to recognize the reference is to an early 60’s song by Leslie Gore “It’s my party”,( and I’ll cry if I want to.)

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