My Labor Day

In 1882 the first Monday in September was designated as “Labor Day” a day of rest to recognize the efforts of the average working man.

Today Labor Day marks the end of summer vacation for school children. Often it is a day off from work and a great excuse to have a backyard barbecue, or to go thrifting.

Value Village had all clothing on sale ½ price.

St. Vincent de Paul had every thing ½ price.

Goodwill had two colored tags 40% off, and a third color for 99¢.

I have decided that I want tall narrow laundry hampers rather than the traditional basket style I’m currently using. There isn’t much floor space in my closet and right now my three hampers leave hardly anywhere to walk in my walk-in closet. Saturday I saw a hamper at my neighborhood St. Vincent de Paul for $3.99. Not a bad price but knowing it would be half off on Monday I decided to leave it and hope it wouldn’t sell before then. 9AM Monday morning found me at SVdP. The parking lot was full. Fortunately there is a Metro Park & ride lot adjacent to the store. Alas the hamper must have sold over the weekend. I did pick up a new dressmaker’s curve.The lower one in this picture is one I purchased retail years ago. It has a corner broken off. I have made do with it in that condition but for 50¢ I thought I’d splurge and upgrade to a non-broken one.

For the Seattle Mariners today marks the start of a 3-game home series against the Boston Red Sox. I know that Fenway Park sells out every game. In order for Sox fans to see their beloved team play they must travel to away games. When I saw these three shoppers, all wearing Red Sox shirts, I asked if they were from Boston. They had indeed flown in to see today’s game. I thought it a bit ironic that they had money for game day tickets & round trip airfare; Boston to Seattle but they were shopping at a second-hand store. Maybe that’s why they have money to spend on baseball.

After hitting my neighborhood store I headed north where I could hit a string of four more thrift stores before going to my friends for a BBQ (it is Labor Day after all).Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for black & white prints? This piece is 2 -3/8 yards of 60 inch fabric. I’m hoping I can make both a skirt & blouse out of it. The white sweater in the top left was on clearance for 99¢. They sell their mason jars for 25¢ each and patterns for 39¢. I have a rule about patterns; they must be unused and cost less than 50¢. Most everyone is selling them for 99¢ now and I can buy them at the fabric store for that price (when they are on sale). The 99¢ plant stand will hold a pot on my back porch .

At my second SVdP I found

a little dish I’m going to use for butter, a zipper and a roll of contact paper. They were each 50¢.

The Value Village next door was super crowded and I found nothing I wanted to purchase. On to Goodwill.I don’t have a specific project in mind right now but I’m certain the day will come when I find a piece of furniture that needs stripping. I hope $5.99 is a good price for chemical stripper, because I decided to purchase this now rather than have to get it retail when the need arises. Just checked, Home Depot sells it for $30. YES!

I take this 3-ring binder with me every time I go thrifting. It holds the money budgeted for second-hand purchases. Store calendars, showing colored tag rotation and sale days. Ads from retail stores for things I hope to find, etc.

As you can see this one is falling apart.

I saw this at Goodwill.It’s made of leather. It has handles. It zips closedInside I could store a pen and store punch cards. It had a lot going for it, but they were asking $6.99 for it. I think I’ll try for it again when red tags go on sale.

All in all it was a fun and productive day of shopping.

Did you brave the Labor Day crowds to find a bargain or two?

Let me know what you found.


BTW the M’s outscored Boston 4-1. GO Mariners!

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3 Responses to My Labor Day

  1. Good finds!
    Do you ever go to SVdP for 99c clothing on Sundays? My daughters have me hooked on that!

    I love black and white prints, as well. I think you can make just about any type of print look sophisticated if it’s in black and white. I did some black and white gingham accents in our dining room, and they look fabulous!

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