I got out the spray paint recently

Do you remember these brackets?

And these butterflies?

I used spray paint to give them a fresh new look.

The butterflies went from this…

 to this…

I used the Eden Green paint from my bistro table project.

Here’s a broader view of how they look now fluttering around my back door

The brackets were fine as is but as long as I was painting I gave them a fresh coat of black paint (left by the contractor who built the deck) then I sprayed a little silver on the leaves and wiped it off immediately so it just remained in the veins giving it a little dimension and added interest.

I replaced a plastic bracket that I hang my clothespin basket from with one of the refurbished ones.

And used the second one to hang a wind chime.

This project took about ½ an hour including dry time between coats and zero dollars because I already had the spray paint

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2 Responses to I got out the spray paint recently

  1. I love the butterflies in sage. And the brackets turned out nicely, too.

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