Hand Crafter Padded Hangers

 I have hangers to match every garment I make.

I usually purchase my wood hangers 4/$ at Dollar-a-rama sales but happily I picked up 11 for 98¢ at St. Vincent de Paul. Around the same time, at Goodwill,  I came across  2 1/2 yards of fabric  with a bird print  $2.99.  Both of these were purchased in 2010.

Last week inspiration struck and whipped out a blouse and matching hanger in a few days.

If you are currently purchasing padded hangers, or are looking for a gift idea or just want some for your own, they are easy and inexpensive to make.

You will need:

8 x 16-inch piece of batting 

2- 8 x3-inch fabric strips

2-13 ½ x 3-inch fabric strips

5/8 yard of ¾ inch wide ribbon

Wood hanger

“Fray Check”(optional)

Wrap batting around hanger and stitch in place. I find it helpful to use contrasting thread so the stitches don’t get lost in the batting. If you use light colored fabric for your hanger use white thread so it won’t show through(It’s helpful but not necessary to cut your strips with the selvedge on one of the 3” sides.)

On the long strips of fabric run a row of wide gathering stitches 3/8th inch from each long edge. Again, contrasting thread makes this easier to work with than if you used matching a color.

Divide all four pieces into quarters. I use colored pins to help me properly align the next step. 


Pair one long & one short piece right sides together and pull the gathering thread to make them the same length.

Adjust the gathers to disperse them evenly.

Pin the two parts securely together on three sides leaving the selvedge side opened.

Stitch with regular length stitches ¼” from the edge. Remove pins and gathering threads.

On the closed end, push the tube back on itself about one inch. 

Then work the tube over the end of the batting covered hanger with the gathered piece on top.      Continue this process until both tubes are on the hanger. 

By hand sew the two halves together.      Wrap the ribbon around the hanger twice to cover the seam and tie a knot around the hook. 

 Tie a bow and seal the ends of the ribbon with “Fray Check”. YOU’RE DONE!

 Aside from just looking pretty, I like to use padded hangers when I hang my laundry to dry. No clothespin marks left on my clothes.

Did you notice the purple pincushion in the pictures. I made that in jr. hi home-ec class.

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1 Response to Hand Crafter Padded Hangers

  1. Those turned out beautifully! And I love that you’ve made them matching to the clothing that you’ve sewn.

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