What Martha taught me

or “you learn something new everyday”

I was reading a back issue of Martha Stewart Living; in the Ask Martha column she answered a question about cleaning doormats. She said you should vacuum both sides, even if you have rubber-backed mats.

I do have rubber-backed mats. They are industrial type mats I purchased at a restaurant supply store.

Martha explained that vacuuming the back will dislodge dirt that is deep in the pile.

I had already vacuumed this mat.

Then turned it over and ran the vacuum over the rubber backing. I did it on a piece of white paper so I could see the results.

Martha was right!

I will be vacuuming both sides of my doormats from now on.

Have you learned anything from Martha lately?


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1 Response to What Martha taught me

  1. I’ll have to give that a try. Never would have thought to flip it over and vacuum.

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