Show & tell Time

My Saturdays are usually spent driving back and forth between the bakery and wedding reception venues . This week our only wedding cake was a mid-week delivery, Thursday, 10-11-12. One of the Saturday decorators requested a day off so I covered her shift. My manager called me on Friday and said she needed me to start at 4 rather than the usual 5AM start time because there were almost 50 cakes on order and a lot of them needed to be done early. Then she added “please refrain from taking pictures” I reluctantly agreed, thinking to myself, I won’t take time to photograph cakes if the other girls don’t take time to smoke their cigarettes. I decided it was best to keep that comment to myself.
I did get a few photos, some cakes had not yet been picked up when we finished decorating all the orders.
Here’s Thursday’s wedding cake.Our long Indian Summer came to an end friday night. I have been taking pictures in the alley behind the shop so I could use natural light but since it was raining I had to take Saturday’s pictures under fluorescent lights. The glare is especially bad on ganache-covered cakes.

Fall flowers are a popular request at this time of year.

Princess tortes are by far our most popular cake and customers often request them to be decorated with the traditional pink roses.

Graham used to teach in London.

Visit tomorrow and I’ll show you some of the things I’ve found at thrift stores.

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3 Responses to Show & tell Time

  1. Beautiful cakes. Is the “Happy Birthday, Bill” cake a German chocolate cake? That looks like coconut on the top.

  2. That maple leaf cake is amazing. I wish I could create something like that in the kitchen.

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