Vegetable Dishes

Shopping at thrift stores is a great source of bargain merchandise and its can also be very entertaining.

I’ve been “shopping” with my camera. Getting pictures of things that tickle my funny bone.

With all the time I have spent perusing second hand stuff I’ve come to learn that there is an abundance of food shaped serving dishes, storage containers and utensils that are designed/constructed to portray the food they are meant to be used with. If I had unlimited storage space for this kind of stuff I think it would be a lot of fun to match my serving dishes to my meals. But since my cupboards are full, I’ll just collect pictures and share with you some of the food unique dishes I’ve seen.

Today’s post will feature vegetables…

Alphabetically Artichoke comes first.


Asparagus plates are quite popular.BeetsCabbage


 I’ve seen lots of corn on the cob holders but only have pictures of these two.

 If the corn isn’t on the cob use these. Eggplant


Lettuce OnionPotato

wouldn’t it be fun to mash potatoes with this fellow?

and Tomato



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1 Response to Vegetable Dishes

  1. These are so cute. I especially like the cabbage and the small corn bowls, but the potato masher is adorable too. I don’t think I would have bought any of them either, just enjoy looking at them, okay maybe I would have been tempted on those corn bowls.

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