Show & Tell Time (sorry I’m late this week)

Regular readers know that I work part time as a cake decorator at a small family owned bakery.

Once a week I use my blog to showcase some of the cakes we decorated during the week.

Only one wedding cake this timeLook closely at the Bride & Groom. She’s holding a guitar and he has a camera. Personally, I think it was a shame to use whimsical toppers on such an elegant cake.


Several Baby Shower cakes

A Drama Cake

For those of you who are too cold, imagine yourself at a pool party.

And those who are too warm, you can cool off with this Polar Bear cake.

Gordon celebrated his 80th birthday with this 3-tiered cake decorated in purple & gold.

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1 Response to Show & Tell Time (sorry I’m late this week)

  1. These are gorgeous. While it might have been more attractive to have used fancier bride and groom on the first cake, I saw it as probably two people who are embracing what they see as their best traits. I especially love the 80th birthday cake.

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