Eating myself out of house and home- Final report

I’m calling an end to my eat myself out of house & home challenge. No the cupboards are not bare yet but I know I’ll use up the rest of the raisin bran making 6-week bran muffins

By eating PB&J sandwiches and flavoring my home made yogurt with blackberry jam I am down to the last jar.

I gave some canned goods and 10 packages of Ramen to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. There are still a few packages of the soup mix in my stash but Ramen is a great way to use up a scrap or two of meat and any leftover vegetables so I didn’t give them all away.

I used the canned salmon to make salmon patties. The patties are now stored in my freezer with a lot of other meal sized portions of the other foods you’ve seen on these “eat myself out of ouse & home” posts. Every few days I move a few leftovers from the freezer to the fridge to thaw and slowly but surely I’m finishing it all off and not have to eat the same food several days in a row.

There was one can of smoked salmon. I mixed it with cream cheese, spread it on crackers and in that way used up the salmon and the rye crisps.

There was more spread than crackers so I finished it off by adding it to my scrambled egg burritos, mmm,mmm good.

I still have a full box of saltines but I eat soup a lot especially in winter months so I know it will get used up.

My pledge to myself for the future is to keep good records of what I have and what I need and not purchase things just because its a good price.


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1 Response to Eating myself out of house and home- Final report

  1. Congratulations on getting your pantry cleaned out. I just stocked mine up for winter soups, lots of beans.

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