Not your average trip to Value Village

I made a stop at Value Village on Tuesday.

I perused the house wares, craft & sewing supplies and furniture and looked for a tan turtleneck all to no avail. As I was about to leave, a rather animated conversation between some employees caught my attention. It seems that a young lady named Sam had been given the task of cutting paper snowflakes to put in the store’s window.

Sam was showing off her first attempt.sams 1st attempt

They say no two snowflakes are the same it must be true, I’ve never seen one like this before.

One co-workers in particular was attempting to help her by stating over and over “you need to make it round”

To the snowflake making challenged Sam this wasn’t helpful. She had no frame of reference to understand what he meant. This is when I stepped in and offered my assistance.

I demonstrated how to fold a square of paper into 6 sections and then cut lacey designs in dem0

We then went step by step through the process Sam following along as I went through the process again.sam at work

Within no time she had it down.progress being made

 Sam was well on her way to creating a beautiful snowy display. My job completed, I was on my way out the door when I decided to ask her if she minded me taking a few pictures. She was more than happy to oblige. I got big thank yous from Sam, her co-workers and manager.

Helping her made my day.


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2 Responses to Not your average trip to Value Village

  1. I used to love to make snowflakes and what we called “dancing ladies and gentlemen” (Fold the paper accordian-style and cut out a man or woman such that hands and feet touch when unfolded.) Snowflakes make a very frugal window decoration for the holidays!

  2. We tried making paper snowflakes here a few weeks ago with the grand kids. Theirs kept coming out square, but they loved decorating their creations and didn’t care. I love that this was what you did shopping, what fun.

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