not your usual grocery trip

estate sale food2893
Mid-week I saw an “Estate Sale” sign as I was headed home after my daily walk in the park with my two dog friends. I stopped to see what was for sale. It was a professional Estate Sale team selling off the household of a lady who had moved.
There was jewelry, antique and contemporary furniture, LOTS of books. Lots of linens. Some Lalique glass that was lovely but way out of my price range.
I was tempted to buy the $10 TV/VCR. The program to record function on mine doesn’t work any more.
They didn’t have the manual and although there were three remotes none of them was the same brand as the TV. It was still hooked up to the Direct TV box so I really couldn’t test out the TV alone. They offered to drop the price to $5 but I felt it was too much of a gamble.
Then I started looking around in the kitchen where I found a 10 1/2 inch cast iron skillet, $6.

new skillet2905
The food in the pantry wasn’t marked but seemed to be for sale too. When I enquired, I was told to just gather up what I was interested in and they would give me a good deal.
The cashier charged me a total of $10. $6 for the skillet and $4 for the food.
My next trip to the grocery store I checked the prices of the estate sale food. $44.09
I got a 90% discount! not bad:)

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4 Responses to not your usual grocery trip

  1. That’s quite a deal. When my grandfather passed away he had quite a bit of food (canned, frozen and boxed like cereals) along with toilet paper and the like. I was told to give it away because it’s illegal here to resell them at a sale.

  2. The possibility that it could be illegal never occured to me. Since this sale was hosted by a professional Estate sale company let’s hope they are up on the laws regarding such things. Had I thought about it at the time I would have purchased all the canned goods and given them to the food bank.

  3. truefinds says:

    I run estate sales for a living in California. I sell food (canned, boxed, etc), paper goods and the like all the time. If it’s illegal, I’ve never heard about it. Since I also attend lots of other sales, both professional and not, and I’ve seen many of them selling the same type of stuff, I really doubt it is illegal. Besides, if you can give it away, why couldn’t you sell it? I may be wrong, but I don’t think so. I think either the laws are really strict in what ever state LivingSimpleFree lives in or someone gave her incorrect info.

  4. Now that’s some deal! Great find. And now next time if you run across something like that again, you will remember that you had thought to buy more for the food bank.

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