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It never hurts to ask

I am on a jam making kick. I made several flavors during the summer. So much so that I filled all my jelly jars. Everybody I know has been getting jam as birthday presents, thank-you gifts, house warming gifts, you … Continue reading

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Show & Tell

In last November’s election Washingtonians voted to legalize personal marijuana use. Still I never expected to get an order for a birthday cake like this.

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I purchased real maple syrup for the first time in my life. I wanted to try Frugal girl’s no-stir Clumalisious granola recipe. Being a key ingredient, I wanted to use the real thing when I made my first batch. … Continue reading

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Storage for plastic bags

If you’re frugal like I am (and I assume that those reading a frugal blog share my frugal ways) then you don’t throw away empty plastic bags. Storing them can be somewhat challenging. I need bags to pick up after … Continue reading

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Craig’s List success at last

This little sewing chest belonged to my mother.  I adopted it after she passed away. It happily lived in my sewing/laundry room.  Years ago I had part of my unfinished garage (uninsulated, unheated, underlighted) sectioned off to create a long … Continue reading

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Cake Show & Tell

 Each weekend I use my blog to show off some of the cakes we produce at the bakery where I work part-time. For at least the past three years, early in January we get a cake order from a church. … Continue reading

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20 year old sweater

I’ve owned this gray Shaker-Knit sweater for more than 20 years. Who knows how old it really is because I purchased it second-hand. It has served me very well. It’s warm, comfortable and the neutral gray color makes it very … Continue reading

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Laundry day

For years I’ve been purchasing a super sized box of laundry detergent. 26.4 pounds/ 275 loads. I felt it has served me well. It was a good choice because I didn’t need to be replenishing my stock very often. Thereby … Continue reading

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More about my favorite park

Because I visit the park almost everyday I have become friends with many of the  other regular park users. Recently one of them had a dinner party where most of the guests were people who met at the park and … Continue reading

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Show & Tell Sunday

We were incredibly busy on New Years Eve. I didn’t have any time to take pictures of the 80 some cakes we decorated. (I’m going to ask the manager to schedule 3 decorators next year.)  Well, I did take pictures … Continue reading

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