Monday was Trash Day

garbage#1‘Twas the garbage day after Christmas and all through the neighborhood not a creature was stirring not even a mouse the cans were lined up next to the curb with care, in hope that Waste Services soon would be there.Garbage #2

I was pleased to see that most people filled only their toter this week. garbage#3In most cases extra piles were of recyclables not stuff destine for the land fill. I remember in years past seeing multiple extra bags of holiday trash waiting for pick up. It looks like (in this neighborhood any way) people gave experiences rather than stuff. And/or they are avid recyclers.garbage#4

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3 Responses to Monday was Trash Day

  1. It’s good to see more recycling than trash. From my home at least we had very little of either. Most of the recyclables were of small shirt boxes and some tissue paper that were brought in those I saved for craft projects with the little ones. Happy New Year.

  2. I do find some entertainment value in seeing what some folks put out for the garbage collection the Monday after Christmas. I have heard, though, that this is exactly what thieves are doing, checking out everyone’s trash, looking for boxes that would indicate potential “loot” that could be fenced. So, for anyone who received an i-anything, or otherwise valuable electronic, don’t put the boxes out this week. Take them to your nearby recycling center yourself, if possible.

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