More about my favorite park

Because I visit the park almost everyday I have become friends with many of the  other regular park users. Recently one of them had a dinner party where most of the guests were people who met at the park and have since become good friends.

I think I’ve shown you the Yule logs we make at Christmas time Santa Yule Logand the traditional styletraditional log_2891Well for this party I did a variation on the standard Yule Log idea and made us a “Park Log”.whole cake

It is a four seasons representation of our favorite park.

In February of 2011 a huge cottonwood tree fell across the stream.

Unti this tree fell it had housed a family of  owls for several years.owl 

Small fondant flowers represent spring, those are my binoculars on the tree.spring & binocularsGlory (the collie)  & Lola (the basset hound) are standing in the blackberries, representing summer.


 For fall there are fallen maple leaves and mushrooms. fall

It’s difficult to tell in the picture but the top is a loped off of one of the plastic evergreens.   It represent where someone poached their Christmas tree from the park.winter

The people hosting the party served the cake again the next day when they had guests from Korea & Brazil  over for the day. I understand they had quite a time explaining not only the significance of the cake to “our park” but explaining why we as Americans incorporate the old world tradition of the Yule Log in our holiday celebrations.

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2 Responses to More about my favorite park

  1. You do such fabulous work, I love the time and thought you put into your yule log.

  2. Knowing that it held special meaning and was for friends who would really enjoy the detail made it a labor of love

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