Cake Show & Tell

 Each weekend I use my blog to show off some of the cakes we produce at the bakery where I work part-time.

For at least the past three years, early in January we get a cake order from a church. They request a full sheet cake, decorated with a big yellow star in the center and lots of smaller stars around it with the inscription “We’re glad your search brought you here.” Additionally they request that we hide several items in the cake, a bean, a coin, and angel and a button.

I was curious about this unusual request. So when the customer came in to pick it up I went to talk with her. I wanted to know what the significance of the unusual inscription and the odd assortment of items hidden in the cake.

She explained that their church celebrates Epiphany the first Sunday in January. Epiphany commemorates the day the magi visited the Christ child. They use the occasion to welcome new members into the congregation, hence, the inscription “We’re glad that your search brought you here”

She went on to explain why the tokens are hidden in the cake. The person who finds the bean is crowned King of Epiphany. The coin predicts financial success. The button success in business or family, the angel points to spiritual blessings.

The second year that I saw the exact same order I took a little artistic license and went somewhat beyond their request for one big yellow star and multiple smaller ones and gave them this cake.


Last weekend the order was there again. Wanting to outdo myself I gave them this cake.


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2 Responses to Cake Show & Tell

  1. I bet they come back to you for many years to come for the attention you give them. Love the cakes as usual.

  2. That’s artistry, frugal spinster.

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