Craig’s List success at last

This little sewing chest belonged to my mother.IMG_9320

 I adopted it after she passed away. It happily lived in my sewing/laundry room. 

Years ago I had part of my unfinished garage (uninsulated, unheated, underlighted) sectioned off to create a long narrow utility room.

The contractor who did the carpentry took a white melamine modular office desk I had purchased from St. Vincent de Paul and refashioned it into a custom fit corner work area where I could sew or fold clothes.

Last March I had my circuit panel upgraded. When the panel was inspected I was told it’s a fire hazard to block access to the box. It was blocked by the built-in work area. That meant a complete rearrangement of my sewing room. I no longer had anywhere for the sewing chest to sit.

I like the chest a lot. It’s cute, and reminds me of time spent sewing with my mother. Even so I reluctantly decided to sell it on Craig’s List.

With the popularity of vintage furniture I thought I’d have no problem finding a buyer.

I was asking $100, maybe my sentimental attachment overvalued it.

When it didn’t sell, I dropped the price by $10 and posted another ad. Week after week I reduced the price, going as low as $30, my rock bottom.

several weeks ago I got an e-mail from an interested party, we exchanged several e-mails, she seemed truly interested in the piece, but when we finally came to arranging a meeting place she backed out. I may be overly suspicious but I think she may be a “Craig’s list killer”, backing out when I didn’t give her my personal residence. I remember hearing about a murder that happened when a buyer responding to a Craig’s List ad for jewelry robbed and killed the ring’s owner.

When the chest didn’t sell at my lower limit I began high again and started posting it again time after time. This week I posted it at $45, found a buyer, met her in a public place, got $45 cash from her. She assured me it was going to a good home .

More money in my Vacation fund! Yahoo!

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3 Responses to Craig’s List success at last

  1. Congratulations!! I have been getting really disheartened with Craigslist in my area. I posted a desk I restored and being Christmas I posted it at $20 hoping someone would grab it. I received a response immediately, but the person never showed. Finally wanting it out of here, and having nothing but sandpaper invested I listed it as free. I had 4 responses immediately. The first 3 (I responded immediately to them letting them know if they were #2,3 or 4 and promising to get back to them if or not it went). So number one promised to call for directions the next day, never heard back, same story with number 2 and 3. Finally, number 4 called and arrived within 45 minutes (the time it took to drive here from their home). When they arrived, they were polite, stopped to remove snowy shoes etc. I hear Craigslist is great for getting rid of things, but in this area, it’s not the best, not sure what is.

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