Storage for plastic bags

If you’re frugal like I am (and I assume that those reading a frugal blog share my frugal ways) then you don’t throw away empty plastic bags.

Storing them can be somewhat challenging.loose bags

I need bags to pick up after the dogs, so bags that would otherwise go in the garbage at work  come home with me.

I have two storage methods.bag holder

In the laundry I have a bag storage container on the wall, Most of the bags get stuffed here and used to pick up after the dogs. I picked this up at a thrift store but I think it was originally purchased at IKEA. I bought a second one of these and mounted it on a fence post near the park trashcan. Other park users join me in keeping it stocked with recycled bags.park bags

I keep a smaller stash of bags in a kitchen drawer for storing leftovers and other food related jobs, like my homemade version of Shake-n-Bake. To contain the mess of loose bags I expel the air and stuff them into an empty paper towel tube.drawer

I saw another idea that I’ve tried in the past too of flattening the bags, folding them in small triangles with the ends tucked inside to secure them. It is a neat idea that I felt worthy of passing on but personally I prefer the paper tube storage method.triangle & tube

So if you have an empty paper towel tube I encourage you to give this storage method a try and see if it works for you too.

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4 Responses to Storage for plastic bags

  1. I like how you have a storage container of bags at your park, it would be nice to know most pet owners picked up after their pets where I would walk.

    When I had a number of plastic bags coming into my home I would stuff them inside glass jars (like spaghetti jars), you can really jam a lot of them into one jar. This works well if you have a problem with bugs like we did down south.

  2. I use exactly the same holder as image one…had it years…truly a great and simple design!

  3. I have 2 repurposed tall and narrow boxes to store used bags, in the pantry, 1 for bags suitable for food storage (like wrapping homemade loaves of bread, or covering a casserole), and the others for non-food use, things that are going straight into the garbage, but need something to contain the mess (like a turkey carcass after simmering into stock).

    I like the idea of using a cardboard tube for storing the smaller bags. When I wash out baggies I fold them and keep in a drawer. The cardboard tube might keep them a bit neater.

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